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Our solutions address the print, web, ecommerce and audio channels for all formats.


Our solutions allow for working with the quality of the raw information, its structuration, its sizing, its translation, its transformation, its versioning, its validation, with many players working together to deliver content that is easy and pleasant to read.


Our solutions allow work on content to be managed in all channels.

At your service

A suite of services to accompany you in your projects from conception to execution.

  • Combiner l’écoute de nos clients et notre expertise en gestion de contenu et développement d’applications
  • Propose ready-to-use SaaS services, capitalizing on our experience
  • Innovate to contribute added value to our clients’ content management
  • Accompany our clients in the optimization of their procedures
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Services offered


  • Audit
  • Requirement documents
  • Wireframe


  • Agile Method SCRUM
  • Conception
  • Development
  • Tests, Go live
  • Guarantee

Run & SaaS

  • Hosting
  • InDesign Server
  • Application Management
  • SaaS subscription
  • Cost per usage in SaaS

Value chain


Structure, gather, enrich and validate the content. Structure and produce the layout of your content.


  • Maximize the utilization of your content
  • Accelerate the production of your works
  • Make your content available to all channels in real time
  • Allow works “on demand”
  • Be agile with a custom platform


  • Facilitate the capture of information, its availability and its security
  • Produce the layout of the work according to the different formats
  • Facilitate validation of the final layout for the authors
  • Manage the implementation with a key product information (KPI) workflow, and follow-up of corrections

Structure, gather, enhance and make available your metadata and associated content


  • Consolidate the metadata produced
  • Improve the time to market of the products
  • Make the information produced available to multiple channels
  • Improve the quality of the information
  • Use a PIMCORE product or an agile platform


  • Structure the information produced and the associated content
  • Create the product, gather the metadata and the associated content, version the information
  • Process the images
  • Define the metadata workflow, assign the roles, manage the progress
  • Make the metadata available to the different channels

Structure and produce the layout of your product data


  • Automated catalogue production- saves time
  • Ability to keep track of the modifications of the PIM
  • Reduction of the time to prepare the catalogue


  • Structure the catalogue
  • Associate a selection of products with each page structure
  • Define the product layout with the formatting templates, choose the attributes
  • Choose the references
  • Generate and preview the catalogue pages, review and approve for composition

Automate the formatting of content and data


  • Shorten the time for the generation of content from a database
  • Applications in the fields of directories, product technical sheets, customized social bulletins, timetables, etc.
  • SaaS approch to possible use


  • Data structurization
  • Definition of your personalized templates
  • Automation of the production
  • Definition of the workflow and monitoring of the process
  • Can be integrated into the SaaS digital channel processing platform

Manage your content transformations


  • Customer autonomy in the creation of your channels, real-time monitoring and time savings
  • SaaS approach


  • Definition of its digital processing chains
  • Personalization of process elements
  • Uploading and storage of content
  • Monitoring of process results
  • Submission of comments and requests for corrections
  • Retrieve final files

Propose a self-publishing platform for your authors


  • Quickly put in place a white label self-publishing platform thanks to a SaaS approach
  • Put professional quality composition at your authors’ disposal
  • Identify new talented authors


  • Creation of an author account, and uploading of a manuscript
  • Choose the layout, the cover, and the marketing package to promote your book
  • Monitoring of the completion of the work, and managing corrections
  • Launching of the distribution (printing, sales) of the work
  • Sales monitoring

Respond to your specific needs


  • Bring digital resources to your users and / or customers
  • Agile mode to make the app fit your business needs


  • Back office monitoring, Enhancement of products or content, …


IT professionals in the management of digital content

Our agile team

Missions to ensure the success of projects


Methods & tools

Facilitate the collaboration with the agility to build quickly and efficiently


Initialization of the project ; Backlog of the user story


Sprint of two weeks ; Backlog of sprint ; Adjustments

Sprint Planning

Detailed planning of the sprint ; Evaluation of the tasks ; Follow-up of the progress through daily meetings

Sprint Review

Demo ; Areas for improvement ; Actions for the next sprint


Sharing of documents in real time with the client’s teams


Video conference meetings with the agenda shared by the project manager


Exchange of messages during the project to accelerate the communication


PHP professional development tool


Management of sources and versions, and the integration of the automation software


Qualification of the quality of the code and security alerts


Project management with SCRUM and KANBAN


Sharing of information, documents, experiences

Our last news

Our last news



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