Tell us about your job

I am the IT Project Manager, which consists of collecting the customer’s needs, doing an analysis and proposing an most suitable service.

For each need, I carry out different missions. First, I do a study for the costing, then I lead a team for the execution of the project. I also participate in the realization of projects because I do between 30 to 40% of development. I also manage the delivery to the customer.

What do you like about what you do ?

I really enjoy the interaction, both with clients and with the team. This allows me to be very involved in customer exchanges, but also in management.

À What does a typical work day look like and what projects are you currently working on ?

I don’t really have a typical day. With the team, we work in an agile method. We do a 5-minute meeting in the morning to find out how the previous day went and we divide up the work for the day. The morning meeting is the only thing that is fixed in my day.

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Then the day proceeds as needed. Right now, I’m working on the final phases of projects that are ending, and I’m preparing for the new ones. There are a lot of launch and preparation meetings. We use the Jira tool. It is designed so that each member of the team can plan, monitor and deliver projects.

Otherwise, I also do automatic layout, timetables for rail transport and I also work on editorial databases.


What has made you the most proud since your arrival ?

What makes me proud is the evolution that I’ve had. I’ve been with this company for 12 years. This is my first professional experience in IT. I started as a junior developer and now I’m a project manager and I manage two people. I do less and less development to be able to do more customer follow-up and project management. The work I do is recognized.


Finally, describe your role in three words ?

Management, monitoring, relationships.


Who is the man/woman who best describes your personality at work?

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Mister good humor. I’m always in a good mood, I think you always have to see the positive side of things.


Your favorite language ?

PHP, because it’s a bit like the universal language of the web, I can do everything in PHP, I find that satisfying.


If you could swap your position with someone, who would that person be ?

That person would be my N + 1 without hesitation! I do not rest on my laurels, I do my best to constantly evolve.


What advice for a future recruit? Why join the IT team ?

If she is a shy person, I would tell her to have confidence in herself, because here good work is recognized.